Sneak Peek of's New Look

All right, everybody…are you ready for it? We have extremely exciting news here at We’ve been hard at work this summer on a brand new website design, and we can’t wait to roll it out to all of you. The best part? You get a first look right here, right now, and you only have to wait one week before you get to see our new website in action. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

New Features's NEW Features: Design, Login, Filters, Product Pages

New Resource

And that is not all. We even redesigned The Sun Authority! Check this out:

new sun authority preview

You see those tabs up top? You’ll be able to browse easily between the blog, the resource, and the site, as well as share your favorite content with your friends easily, too.

New Blog

And we renovated our blog! Sleek, easy-to-navigate, and covering the latest in lifestyle, pop culture, style, activities, awesomeness, and more.

new blog preview

So, are you excited, or are you excited?! We can’t wait to share our new design and features with the world. See you next week!