Are you finally getting settled into that tiny 10 x 10-foot dorm room? We’ve been there, and we feel your pain! There’s nothing glamorous about sharing those wooden bunk beds, putting posters over the white brick walls, and somehow finding a way to hide that hideous kitchen-esque tile. But even on a college budget, it’s possible to spruce up your tiny space and give it some flair.

Here’s some Pin-spiration to help you get you out of the dorm decorating rut!

Arrange blocks of fabric or scrapbooking paper to create a faux headboard, or to take up an accent wall. Match some of the squares to the colors of your bed linens to create some cohesiveness!

Use leftover fabric pieces or colorful paper to create your own bunting! It’s as simple as cutting out triangles and gluing or sewing them on to a string or ribbon. Also, for extra storage, get some cute bins to stow clothes or books under your bed.

Forget about flipping that light switch! Opt for floor lamps or Christmas icicle lights instead. They’re not as harsh as the fluorescent overhead lights in the typical dorm, making your room feel much cozier.

To create extra space, make a loft! Most dorm furniture is stackable, so raise your bed by putting it on top of your desk, dresser, or bookshelf. This under-the-bed space can double as a mini-kitchen or a cozy study spot.

Create your own space! While living in a dorm can feel like a non-stop slumber party, it’s a nice escape to have your own study space. Paint an old ladder or invest in an inexpensive room divider to create a little privacy.