Perhaps nothing is more important to aviation than your eyesight. From the instrument panel in the cockpit to air traffic, landmarks, and airports in the distance, it’s imperative for every pilot to have good vision. Protect your eyes from glare and the UV rays found at high altitudes with the right pair of sunglasses so you can enjoy the open skies.

sunglasses for pilots

Featured style: Gunnar #1212

Key Qualities of Sunglasses for Pilots:

  • Protect your eyes at any altitude with styles that offer UV protection.
  • Sunglasses with large lenses are recommended to shield your eyes from the widest range of sunlight.
  • A style that fits your face well is less likely to become dislodged in the event of turbulence. As an extra precaution, a neck cord (like these) will allow you to quickly relocate your shades in the event they do fall off.

Lenses to Look For:

Note: The FAA does not recommend polarized lenses for pilots. The glare reducing capabilities of polarized lenses may make it difficult to see certain instruments and to spot other aircrafts. 

Amber Lenses

amber lens sunglasses for pilots

  • Improve contrast on cloudy days
  • Increase clarity

Shop Amber

Smoke Lenses

grey lens sunglasses for pilots

  • Preserve colors while reducing brightness
  • Improve contrast on cloudy and sunny days

Shop Smoke

For more on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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