When it comes to your sunglasses you have every right to be picky.  After all, they are going on your face…front and center.  So be wary of what you wear.  Yet, be bold and be you. Are patterns your thing? Then rock the outrageous, colorful, embellished now-in-style patterns. Are you more serious? Suave? Then stick to the basics.  Stay with all black, brown or white.  Or, if patterns aren’t you thing but you still enjoy a splash of color then sport all blue, all red or all yellow shades, minus the pattern.

Whatever the style of shades, ENJOY THEM!…But here are a few small tips to whether wearing a pattern or going plain is right for you:

Patterns – If you are outgoing, vibrant, and crazy with color then go bold! If bright colors and floral accents are priority in your wardrobe, then go with some BANG! Rock the retro and festive shades.  Do still cater to the shape of your face, but if stand-out is your motto, then pattern it up.

Plain Solids – If you admire the classics…black, white and brown…but still desire elegance, style and class, then stick to the average plain solids.  Honor your skin tone and if you’re of paler complexion then avoid black and white. Wear black and you look even more pale, wear white and you’ll start glowing (not in a good way).  If your tan, bring on the white, etc. Plain solids are classy and sleek.  The style of the shade is what helps make the statement, so again, cater to the shape of your face.

Bright SolidsDo you love color, but hate embellishment and feel that outrageous patterns are a step too far? Then bright solid shades are probably for you.  You like making a statement, but don’t feel the need to scream. There is nothing wrong with spicing up your wardrobe and your face with a little color. Again, cater to your face’s shape, but don’t fear, these shades will make you stand out regardless!

What style do you represent? Let me hear it…