What do you get the life of the party? From lots of leather to rock band throwbacks, Cammila of Dressed Up Like a Lady dishes her picks for getting the Party Rocker everything they need to stay up (and out) all night.

gifts for the party rocker

  1. Band buttons

  1. Loud lipstick (Try fluorescent!)

  1. Liquid eyeliner

  2. Doorknocker earrings

  3. Bright sunglasses
  4. Fingerless gloves

  5. Vintage (or fake vintage) concert tee

  6. Studded belt

  7. Bustier top

  8. Pointy patent leather pumps

  9. Moto jacket

  10. Hair dye

We also asked Cammila to pick her favorite SunglassWarehouse.com styles. You can view her entire collection of Party Rocker sunglasses here.

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