Oversized Style Number 238

You must perfect that summer attire with the most perfect sunglasses! You’re off to a party, a ball game, a BBQ, the lake…wherever…and your shades are looking a little ‘weak sauce’ so-to-speak. Worn, tattered, chipped and scratched! You need new shades, STAT!

Then I am hear to be your sunglass savior! Say hello to my little friend, Oversized Style #238! These oversized shades are the perfect addition to your fashion wardrobe! They stand out, but don’t over-power! Plus, the large lenses provide UV400 protection against the sun’s harmful rays!

These beautiful shades are the greatest compliment to anyone’s style, and if you’re on a budget, they’re more than perfect! At $14.41 you cannot go wrong!

So no fear…your sunglass savior is here! (Cheesy, I know!) But seriously, grab these must haves and enjoy your time at the party…or ball game…or BBQ…or lake!