Neon Style 31136

We’re bringing it back to the 80s, my friends! Open your eyes to a whole new level of style with these neon, multi-colored paint speckled sunglasses! These beauties have large lenses that provide UV400 protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

So ladies and gents, grab your parachute pants and let’s roll! These daring shades come in four different combinations of paint speckled fun:

  • Blue-Green-Orange
  • Blue-Green-Purple (As shown)
  • Yellow-Orange-Pink
  • Yellow-Pink-Blue

You cannot deny that these shades look fun and festive! They seem outrageous, but when they’re on, they look stunning! These shades fit in perfectly with the new neon style and oversized look. They dress up your wardrobe and your face, all while giving you that extra kick of confidence.

YES they’re vibrant…YES they’re bold…and YES you do want them! Let’s bring it back, 80s style, and make a statement! Go get our Neon Style #31136 now!

Seriously…go get them!

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