My not-so-secret obsession: all things Olsen. Be it their high-end, completely-unattainable fashion line, The Row, their slightly-more-attainable-but-expensive-nonetheless fashion line, Elizabeth and James, their series of 90s super sleuth videos, every single Full House episode, a few of peronal cinematic favorites, Billboard Dad, Winning London and New York Minute, their hair…I could seriously go on, but that might be embarrassing. Wait.

I digress. I’m here to acquant you with a pair of shades guaranteed to make you exactly like the Olsens. (By ‘exactly’, I mean if you happen to have their hair color, someone squinting at you from far away might mistake you for their relative. By ‘guaranteed’,  I mean there’s appoximately an one hundreth of a percent chance that this could happen to a short girl walking around in New York City or Los Angeles.)

Mary Kate Olsen


Say hello to Round Style #2425. Available in two color variations, these shades are 44m tall and wide and provide UV400 protection against harmful ultra violet rays. So not only will you be mistaken for a mini mogul, but your health consciousness will appear akin to that of a practiced optometrist. Two birds. One stone.

And yes, I do realize that someone named John Lennon sported this style as well. You have your heros. I have mine. Please don’t hate.