Remember a while back when we surveyed you (our loyal readers) about the kinds of posts you want to read on our blog? Thanks again for participating in our survey! We appreciate all the feedback and will be using it to make this blog even better.

After combing through the results, we learned that you most like reading our product reviews and updates. Ask and you shall receive!

We recently added a bunch of new sunglasses to the Sunglass Warehouse collection, and our office couldn’t be more excited to try them on. You asked for a review, so we had 5 team members review their favorite pair of new sunglasses. The hardest part was choosing just one pair to review — we love all of them! Here are 5 of our favorites:

blue aviator sunglasses

I fell in love with these retro aviators the minute I saw them come in the door! The aviator style matches my personality and overall style. I really like the blue outline; it’s a nice change to ordinary metallic-colored rims.

retro cat eye sunglasses

Maggie really likes our new rhinestone cat eye sunglasses. She said, “I have a petite face, so I have to be careful to pick sunglasses that won’t take over my whole face. I love these because they’re small and feminine, but they have a retro style that I love. These are some of our newest, but they’re quickly becoming an office favorite!”

wayfarer sunglasses

Beth is a fan of our new retro square shades. In her opinion, “It’s hard not to have a sunny disposition when you start the new year off with my new pair of retro sunglasses. The round retro style is right up my alley and the subtle pink shade adds a little extra glam, while still being neutral enough that I can rock these sunnies with any look!”

rock star sunglasses

Terryl found a match made in heaven with these oversized rock star sunglasses! While obsessing over them, she said, “I’ve been waiting for the boss #9936 to be available as soon as I first saw them in the photographer’s room. They’re kind of a play off retro square sunglasses, but they’re super square and taller than any style I’ve ever seen! Of course, because they’re nearly comically oversized, they are an unavoidably necessary addition to my collection.”
american flag sunglasses

Although not necessarily a new arrival, Nate is madly in love with our American flag aviators! His review of these very popular sunglasses is, “These sunglasses scream patriotism and fun. Aviators remind me of things like Top Gun, and the American flag is just a natural fit. I love these puppies because 1. You can see great out of them and 2. I’ve received so many compliments and ‘Where did you get those?!?’ They truly are an American classic.”

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These are just our reviews of the sunglasses, but we want to know what your favorite pair is! Let us know in the comments your pick; we love hearing from you!