Grab your shades, cuz the future is gonna be bright

As we gear up for the beginning of summer, it’s looking to be a season full of vibrant, and electric COLOR (you know, the kind of color your history term-paper textbooks only dream of being covered in)!


In case you missed it, the color craze has already started. Just check out this video of Utah’s “Festival of Colors,” where every inch of you is covered in nothing but bold colors that make your standard box of crayons melt with jealousy.

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Don’t worry though, there’s still plenty of time to hop aboard the color train. The upcoming summer concert lineup hints that this trend has only just begun! Bonnaroo’s website is covered in bright colors, and there is even a 5k Color Run raving around the country this summer (check out the video!). In addition to summer’s brightest events, neons will be a necessity at your next 80s-themed party, cover band concert, and maybe even this year’s Halloween get-together.

Who says neons belong to the 80s? These electric colors will be appearing constantly this spring and summer, after making their mark at last November’s NYC Spring Fashion Show.

If you’re unsure how to approach such attention-getters, rest assured that both guys and girls can find a few easy ways to work brights into their wardrobe. Mix solid neutrals with a bright scarf or pair of shoes that can be subtracted from your look if you become self-conscious of all the (positive) attention you’re sure to receive.

Or you could grab some neutrals, blacks, or whites and dabble with a couple similarly colored pieces.

Bolder still, take two (or maybe three if you’re feeling a little ambitious) bright colors and try some color blocking.

No matter what the case, we have you covered when you’re ready to push things to the limit and rock your wardrobe with a little flair.

bright orange aviators // hot pink cat eye sunglasses // bright blue retros // neon green tribal sunglasses

yellow oversized sunglasses // purple rockstar sunglasses

So whether you’re throwing something on for day or night, why not try something slightly outside your norm, and turn up the heat with some COLOR.