The United States is home to countless fashion and beauty brands, providing residents with almost infinite style choices. Style preferences vary greatly by state and even regions. There’s the famously carefree style of the West Coast, where bohemian outfits are always in fashion. Then there’s the sleeker, more polished style of the Northeastern states, where outfits are generally chic and layered, with every piece perfectly matching. In the humid Southeastern states, cool, light fabric like linen or cotton is often used in shirts and dresses. And in the Midwest, style is often a mixture of practical and fashionable, especially in the winter.

You’ll find unique styles everywhere in the United States, but some states still definitely think more about their style than others.


To find out which states are most fashion conscious, we did a little digging. We looked up the Google search volume in each state for terms like “how to tie a tie,” “hairstyles,” “makeup tutorial,” and “nail designs.”

We then calculated how many searches there were per capita, and ranked the states according to who had the most searches. The more searches a state had, the higher they ranked in that category. We then averaged out the ranking for each state across all categories to find the winners. Here are the top 10 states that we found to be most stylish:

1. California

stylish-states-1Californians are known for their laidback and casual style. Photo by Robert Bejil.

The Golden State is home to top celebrities and fashion icons, so it’s not surprising that the state is the most stylish in the country. Sunny Southern California is known for its beachy style for both men and women. And in the northern part of the state, many people layer up in cardigans and scarves to deal with the region’s chillier weather. There are also some style choices that are unique to this state, like chunky sandals that can effortlessly go from day to nightwear. Accessories are popular here to add flair to an everyday outfit, like an edgy necklace, or a wide-brimmed hat.

California ranked number one in searches for “high heels,” probably from all the celebrities looking for the perfect pair for red carpet events. This state ranked second in searches for “sunglasses,” showing just how much time the state’s residents spend out in the sunshine. The state also had the second most searches for “hats,” proving that Californians are stylish from top to bottom.

2. Texas

stylish-states-2Even today, you’ll find people proudly wearing their cowboy hats and boots in Texas (sunglasses, too!). Photo by Bob Owen.

Texas may be known for its cowboys and barbecues, but it turns out, the state is pretty stylish, too. If you want to dress like a cowboy today, check out Lucchese, one of the most famous Western wear stores in Texas. For over 130 years, this store has been making customized leather Western boots for both men and women, and they also sell handbags and wallets.

But cowboy fashion isn’t the only trend in Texas. In the capital of Austin, hipster fashion is all the rage, and the city is full of locally owned boutique stores that sell vintage clothing and all of the latest fashion trends.

The Lone Star State is one stylish place. Texas ranked first in searches for “makeup tutorials,” “nail designs,” and “hairstyles,” showing that women here are putting serious thought into their appearances. But it isn’t just the ladies who are thinking about their style — Texas ranked second in searches for “how to tie a tie.”

3. Georgia

stylish-states-3With residents that favor a bold style, this southern state is certainly the belle of the ball. Photo by Trevor Green.

From Atlanta to Savannah to the rural small towns dotting the Blue Ridge Mountains, people in Georgia definitely love their fashion. For men, cotton suits are always in style — they’re the perfect things to wear on those hot and humid Georgia summer days. For women, boutiques are a huge hit, and many women are fans of sleeveless maxi dresses for the summer months.

Georgians are very interested in learning about new hairstyles and nail designs — ranking number two per capita in those searches. And when they’re putting together their outfit for the day, Georgians never forget their makeup ranking third for makeup tutorials.

4. New York

stylish-states-4New Yorkers always look effortlessly stylish, even when just taking a stroll to pick up lunch. Photo by John St John.

Home to numerous fashion magazines, designers, and high-end brand headquarters, New York is a very stylish place. In both New York City and Upstate, you’ll find businessmen in perfectly tailored suits and businesswomen in chic dresses. Black is always in here — you’ll find plenty of women strutting through the streets of Manhattan in black dresses and matching heels.

You’ll also see a large amount of people wearing artsy thrift store finds. This love for thrift stores is reflected in New York’s search data — New York ranked number one in searches for “vintage clothes.”

5. Nevada

stylish-states-5Nevada residents know how to party, and their style reflects it. Photo by MsSaraKelly.

Coming in at number five is the Silver State. Nevada’s climate is hot and dry, so its stylish residents favor summery dresses or shorts and sleeveless shirts to beat the heat. Nevada is also home to the glitzy Las Vegas, which has countless casinos, nightclubs, and bars. With so much nightlife, it’s no surprise that the city ranks second in searches for “high heels,” and one of the most popular accessories in Nevada is rockstud high heels. But Nevadans don’t spend all their time in heels — tennis shoes and Birkenstocks are popular choices for more casual wear.

For Nevada’s men, there’s nothing more important to own than a good suit. This is reflected in the state’s search data — Nevada ranked highly in “blazers” and “Windsor knot.”

6. Massachusetts

stylish-states-6Two students strolling to class in style on the Holyoke Campus. Photo by the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

Massachusetts is known for its preppy styles, with polos and shorts for summers by the shore and layers to deal with the chilly fall. A classic Massachusetts fall outfit consists of a puffy vest, a patterned sweater, skinny jeans, and knee-high boots. You also can’t go wrong here with a baseball cap and a jersey — just make sure they’re supporting the Boston Red Sox.

The state is home to many prestigious universities and headquarters of a number of large companies. People at these companies and universities are style conscious, based on their number one rankings for both “business casual” and “Windsor knot.” Massachusetts also ranks third in searches for “sunglasses;” a necessity when you’re summering in Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard.

7. Illinois

stylish-states-7This Chicago resident shows that Illinoisans know how to rock a classic suit and hat combo. Photo by Erin Nekervis.

This Midwestern state has a huge fashion industry, with many large and local brands headquartered in Chicago. The state is known for its brutally cold winters, but Illinoisans don’t let the cold cramp their style — they often use their large coats and accessories to express their individual style. On warm summer days, Illinoisans relax on the shores of Lake Michigan in colorful shorts and light, flowy dresses.

Illinois’s rankings show where the state’s fashion priorities lie. The state ranked second in searches for “business casual,” and they were fourth in searches for “Windsor knots.” They’re also very worried about getting the perfect pair of sunglasses — Illinois ranked fourth in “sunglasses” searches.

8. New Jersey

stylish-states-8Unique styles can be found everywhere in New Jersey, from the Pinelands to the Jersey Shore. Photo by THOR.

In New Jersey, style trends vary by region. Big hairstyles, manicured nails, and bold makeup are popular at the Jersey Shore and in some North Jersey towns. Residents of the small commuter towns in Central and South Jersey tend to favor a more preppy look. In the winter and fall, leggings, knee-high boots, and a fleece jacket is a popular look throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey’s highest-ranking search was for “nail designs;” they ranked fourth overall. They also had high rankings in “Windsor knots” — a necessity for people commuting to New York.

9. Colorado

stylish-states-9A Coloradan cheerfully sporting cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Photo by Elvert Barnes.

Coloradans are big believers in layering up — in the mountains, temperatures tend to shift on a dime. Plus, since there are so many outdoor activities in the state, hiking gear is always in style.

Folks here are also really into Western wear, and throughout the state, you’ll find local businesses that sell handmade cowboy boots, leather belts, and cowboy hats. But according to our search data, Coloradans don’t spend all their time in hiking gear and Western wear — Colorado ranked number one in searches for “how to tie a tie.”

10. Michigan

stylish-states-10In a cold winter in Laketon, Michigan, a resident bundles up to stay warm! Photo by Jeremy Bronson.

The Wolverine State is stylish all year round. In winter, the style is all about keeping warm. Residents will often layer up in thermal shirts and fleeces, but there are also still plenty of stylish coats dotting the streets. In the hot summer months, Michigan’s men favor polos, and women will often go for classic sun dresses. Michigan also has a growing buy local campaign, with many residents choosing to buy their clothing from stores that stock clothing designed and manufactured in Michigan.

Michigan did rank low in a few searches, including “sunglasses,” “blazer,” and “nail designs.” But they made up for those low rankings with strong numbers in “how to tie a tie,” “hairstyles,” and “Windsor knot.”

Dress to Impress

Our research shows that there are stylish states throughout the United States. In the Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast, you’ll find states where the residents are seriously thinking about their hairstyles, their makeup and the clothes they’re wearing. It just goes to show: from coast to coast, the United States is one stylish nation.

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