Happy Leap Day!

We all know that every four years, we get an extra day tacked on to the end of February. But why does it happen? Leap Day is added to the calendar to make up for the extra amount of time the earth orbits the sun each year. A full yearly rotation is actually 365 1/4 days. Instead of having 1/4 day every year, every four years, we celebrate Leap Day!

According to TimeandDate.com, the Keogh family of Ireland is the only family to produce three consecutive generations born on February 29 – Peter Anthony was born on February 29, 1940, his son Peter Eric was born February 29, 1964, and Peter Eric’s daughter Bethany was born on February 29, 1996. Talk about luck!

Did you know, according to an old Irish legend, women are allowed to propose to men on Leap Day? As the legend goes, St. Bridget made a deal with St. Patrick that allowed women to propose to men on Leap Days. If the proposal was refused, the man was even subjected to a fine – ranging from a kiss to a silk gown. This is said to happen to create a balance between men and women, much like the Leap Day creates a balance in the calendar. Any ladies popping the big question tonight?!


Leap Year Proposal