last minute holiday gifts

So you waited until the eleventh hour to start your holiday shopping. You’re not alone! When you’re scrambling to pick up that perfect holiday gift, there’s no time to hop from store to store, fighting traffic along the way. What you need is a grab-and-go gift so that you can be in, out, and on your way to your next holiday party.

We rounded up 13 last-minute, grab-and-go gift ideas that anyone on your list will appreciate. All of these items can be quickly and easily purchased at any big-box store.

For her:

  • A Soft Blanket — Women are always cold. That’s pretty much a scientific fact. Women also love soft fabrics, so she’ll appreciate a furry, fuzzy, or just downright soft throw.
  • Slippers — Same idea as the blanket — ladies love to pad around the house in soft and warm slippers.
  • A Nice Candle — If you go the candle route, don’t skimp and buy an el-cheapo candle that burns black smoke. Instead, get a nice, slow-burning candle in a delightful scent.
  • A Cute Scarf — Scarves are perfect for any fashion-conscious lady. There’s no such thing as having too many colors, patterns, or styles of scarves, so you can’t go wrong!

For him:

  • Nice Leather Gloves — Whether they’re hardy work gloves or nice dress ones, quality gloves are something most men will appreciate, but won’t buy for themselves.
  • A Travel Mug — Travel mugs have a tendency to walk off and disappear, so you can never have too many of them.
  • Shaving Supplies — High-quality shaving accessories are something else that most guys will appreciate, but don’t buy for themselves.
  • Thermal Socks — Simply put, a man can never have too many pairs of thick thermal socks.

For anyone:

  • Photo Frame — Get bonus points for printing out a sentimental photo to go in the frame.
  • Gift Cards — Some say these are thoughtless and impersonal, but when push comes to shove, they’re a quick and easy gift that’s sure to be used.
  • Holiday Ornaments — A holiday standard, most people collect ornaments or some form of holiday decor. Keep in mind your giftee’s taste!
  • Books — Books are a thoughtful gift, especially if you add a note on the inside cover. If you’re not sure what to buy, why not get him or her a holiday staple like A Christmas Carol?

And if you simply do not have time to go to the store for a gift, download our Procrastinator’s Proof of Purchase!

Happy Holidays!