Snapshot Spotlight

Whether you prefer retro, modern, or straight up practical, there’s a story behind how you style your shades. Join us as we look behind the lens at the bloggers who styled and starred in our 2014 Summer Lookbook. From shades they can’t leave the house without to the trends they’re trying to forget, get to know our featured stylists.

Meet Amanda and Katie, the faces of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches. Though these two live in different states (Amanda in Tennessee and Katie in Georgia), both grew up in the south and share a similar love for redhead beauty and vintage-inspired fashion! Read on for more about Amanda and Katie, their favorite sunglasses, and their quirky, retro style.

Junebugs and Georgia Peaches: Retro Style 

Katie (left) & Amanda (right) in our #5560s and #1316s

What sunglass style personality do you best identify with?

Amanda: I’m a Great Adventurer. I love convertibles and silk scarves — think Thelma & Louise!

Katie: I’d say Party Rocker circa 1969. Think back to Woodstock — that’s me!

If you had to choose one item from your closet to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be?

Amanda: I’d bring a comfy sundress with pockets — mostly so I could sneak a book onto the island.

Katie: I’d take one of my big hats. Anything to block me from the sun!

If you could have lunch with anyone (past or present), who would it be and why?

Amanda: I would choose Neil Gaiman because I’d love to pick his brain, although I think I’d be too overwhelmed and nervous to get any questions in. I’d settle for him narrating one of his books to me.

Katie: I would love to have lunch with Bob Dylan. His music is packed with so much meaning that I’d love to ask him questions about.

If you had a personal theme song, what would it be?

Amanda: Perpetuum Mobile by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Junebugs and Georgia Peaches: Retro Style

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received and from who?

Katie: My mom has always told me to be myself and dress how I want. That’s the best advice I could’ve ever asked for!

What’s your current Internet addiction?

Amanda: I have a shameless Instagram addiction. I will, however, admit that I’ve recently fallen back in love with Tumblr after letting my account lay dormant for a few years.

Katie: I am 100% addicted to Instagram. I should probably be embarrassed with how often I am on it, but it’s just such an easy way to keep up with friends (and see all of the food they eat for the day).

And since you have an eye for fashion — what are some of your favorite Sunglass Warehouse shades?

Amanda: Of course Katie and I both have an affinity for cat eyes, but I’ve recently been searching for the perfect pair of tortoise shades. I’m so happy I found a pair on the site!

Katie: I love all of the cat eye options — they’re so feminine and retro!


Big thank you to Amanda and Katie for sharing their vintage style with us. We’ve loved getting to know you!