Make Your Mark

Making your mark is all about impact: impacting people, impacting the world, and achieving big accomplishments while you’re at it. To find out how people just like you are making their mark, we’ve interviewed individuals with stories to tell and advice to share. Read on to be inspired, and check back often for more stories that are sure to get you motivated.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce you to 24-year-old Caitlin, a full-time working girl from Connecticut with a passion for fitness and nutrition. Caitlin is really into restaurants, fitness, nutrition, social media marketing, fashion, reading, and movies, and she blogs about her healthy lifestyle on her site, Cait Plus Ate.

Caitlin working out

Explain one of the biggest triumphs in your life.

Caitlin: Definitely having the courage to ask for help after I developed an eating disorder in college. I’m thankful I didn’t let it get to the point where someone had to PUT me into help, if that makes any sense.

You work full-time, recently received your MBA, and continued to keep your active lifestyle. How did you become passionate about fitness, and how do you even find the time to continue pursuing such inspiring extremes?

Caitlin: I sought out a healthier lifestyle starting in college for what I admit was a wrong reason — to please a guy. But after he left my life, my passion for fitness and the workouts I’d come to enjoy stuck around. It’s easy to make time for what you love and that’s why I try not to force myself to do workouts I can’t stand (like running). I do what I enjoy (mostly group fitness classes) and that makes it so much easier to continue my fitness routine!

What is your next goal, and how are you currently working towards achieving it?

Caitlin: I don’t have a specific goal, but I just want to continue learning how to let go of my need for control and perfection in eating and working out. It’s not possible (or worth it) to be perfect, so why waste the time? I work towards my overall goal by taking risks, like days off from the gym or ordering french fries at restaurants, and then I try not to beat myself up about it afterwards and give myself credit — I deserve it!

Caitlin of Cait Plus Ate

What is the best advice you’ve received in regards to staying active? What advice would you like to share with others?

Caitlin: I already touched on this but it’s so important, so I’ll say it again — do what you enjoy! You are far more likely to stay active that way. ALSO — quality not quantity. I used to spend forever on the elliptical, and now I can make it out of the gym in less than an hour but get twice as much done there.

You are also a self-proclaimed foodie. What are your favorite dishes that help you stay active? And, be honest, what dish is your secret indulgence?

Caitlin: Every day I eat a HUGE salad for lunch and the veggies keep my energy up during the workday afternoon. I also almost always eat a snack before I work out, unless it’s first thing in the morning. I always have a better workout if I’ve fueled myself. My favorite food is pizza, and though I do love veggie pizza with less cheese, I also love a good pizza with lots of meat on it and lottttts of cheese.

How did you make a 360 from being the “pickiest, most mundane eater” to a food connoisseur?

Caitlin: The college dining hall actually helped with that a ton! We had unlimited food, which made me gain weight when I first got to school. But then, when I started making an effort to be healthier, it also made it less risky to put something on my plate I’d never tried before because I didn’t have to eat it if I didn’t like it. And most of the time I did, which made me ready to start trying ANYTHING!

Cait Plus Ate blogger

How do you make your mark?

Caitlin: I like to think my blog has helped me make an important mark! Whenever I share experiences about my eating disorder recovery, the feedback I get from other girls struggling with the same thing just warms my heart and gives me encouragement to keep sharing.

Which shades from Sunglass Warehouse would you suggest for a workout?

Caitlin: I actually don’t work out outside (gym rat, whattup) but these are pretty rad! I need new aviators!

Thanks, Caitlin! To learn even more about Caitlin’s journey, visit her blog, check her out on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.