Indy 500 Do's and Don'ts

Whether you choose to camp out all weekend in the Coke Lot, purchase seats in the stands or party in the infield, seasoned race-goers know that making the most out of the Indy 500 takes a little bit of planning and inside knowledge. Here’s what Indy locals have to say about the do’s and don’ts of race day.


1. Snag a spot along Gasoline Alley right before the race

Every driver, team, and car enters the track through Gasoline Alley. You don’t even need a credential to stand there and it’s the best place to capture up-close views of the drivers just minutes before they go 230+ mph. Not to mention, most of them come with a celebrity-filled entourage for great photo-ops!

2. Meet as many people as you can

The Indianapolis 500 is known as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. At the race you will witness celebrities, generations of fans, the 500 Festival Princesses, first time “Back Home Again in Indiana” singers Straight No Chaser, racing legends, and people from all over the world. Talk, interact, celebrate, and enjoy this amazing day and race with the incredible people at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


3. Forget your shades

Do your eyes a favor and make sure you have some stylish shades to protect your eyes from the UV rays. There is a lot to take in during the day of the Indy 500, but you will miss it all if you spend all day squinting in the sun. Race day is a long marathon of a day, so might as well look as stylish as possible.

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4. Wear uncomfortable shoes

By all means leave the platforms, wedges and boat shoes at home. Ladies, wear your most comfortable sneakers. Men, wear your most comfortable sneakers. Even if you’re sitting in the stands, you will likely walk several miles getting to and from your destination.

Find an old pair of shoes that are lightweight, breathable and that you don’t mind getting dirtied up (just say no to your all-white Air Force Ones). As far as style in the infield, anything goes, so remember comfort above all else.

Want some more ideas on what to wear to the track on race day? Check out our Indy 500 Style guide, featuring our favorite local Indy brands and of course, the best shades to match.

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