We get it! The outdoors isn’t for everybody. Or is it?! We like to think that it is! With a little creativity and a few good friends, some of your favorite activities can get you enjoying the outdoors in a whole new way. We’ve created a list of our 10 favorite outdoor activities that even the least outdoorsy people admit, “they kinda love.”

Brunch Outside

Sundays are for brunch with bottomless mimosas and pairs perfectly with a patio. The next time you visit your favorite brunch spot, request outdoor seating – because brunch always tastes better with a little Vitamin D.

Pack a Picnic

Does it get cuter than a picnic? Whether you want an intimate setting (with alpacas) or something super casual, picnics are always a great way to #getoutthere. While the traditional wicker basket adds a cute personal touch, for more spontaneous picnics, a simple backpack and blanket will do the trick!

Go on a Walk with Your Dog

Give us all the pups, please! This is one of our favorites! Grab the leash and take your loyal sidekick on a walk. It’s an adventure you and your best friend are sure to love. If you don’t have a dog, volunteer at your nearest animal shelter. Who knows? You may even come home with a new companion!

Head to an Amusement Park

All you thrill-seekers out there, get your hands up! Rally a group of friends together and spend a day at the amusement park. There’s nothing as exhilarating as 60 mph winds blowing through your hair as you soar into an inverted roller coaster look! It’s all the adventure of being outdoors and 10x the fun.


Pump up the volume and sing along! We’ve found that dancing in a crowd while singing with our favorite artists is an experience we can’t imitate at home. Feel the energy of your favorite songs; then imagine them being performed at a stage near you with thousands of people celebrating. You’re gonna want to be there!

Hop on an Electric Scooter or Bikeshare Bike

The share economy is booming and electric scooters and bikeshare bikes have become all the rage! These zippy scooters can travel up 15 mph and provide the perfect breeze on your way to your local market or shopping center. The bikeshare programs allow you to tour your favorite faster and get some exercise while you’re at it. Not only will you have a blast outdoors, but you’ll also look cool doing it!

Watch a Movie Outdoors

A classic drive-in never goes out of style. Break out the truck bed, a couple of blankets and pillows, and make it a date. Outdoor movies can also be found in some city parks, campuses, and art museums. With a simple screen and projector, you could even watch one in your own backyard.

Shop at a Farmers’ Market

Some of the freshest produce is local produce! The next time you’re shopping to refuel your body, visit your local farmer’s market. You’ll discover some of the best produce and goods you can find, all while soaking up the sunshine and helping your local economy thrive!

Read a Book in the Park

Find a cute park bench or nestle yourself under a tree and enjoy the serenity of natural sound as you delve into your newest read. We’ve found the park is a terrific place for activity and a wonderful place to be still.

Hit the Winery or Brewery Trail

Local wineries and breweries are becoming increasingly trendy spots to spend time with friends living your best lives. Receive a tour of the grounds, taste new brews, and enjoy good company as you explore the process from harvest to full cup.


Mhmm… being outdoors just became a lot more fun! And that’s what it should be! There are many ways for you to #getoutthere and explore, even if the outdoors doesn’t initially feel like your “thing”. The important thing is that your days are filled with adventure and that you make the adventure your own. So make a list of your favorite things and #getoutthere! (And don’t forget to grab the perfect pair of shades for your adventure.)