At our recent Fall FashIN Preview, we put our guests’ creativity to the test by challenging them to customize a few of our shades. With buttons, beads, nail polish, and glitter (of course!) to choose from, the sky was the limit.

6 ways to DIY your sunglasses

Check out the bright, bold, and beautiful results — and get inspired to shake (or stir) up your own sunnies!

1. Pearl Jam

diy pearl sunglasses

With a little hot glue and a handful of pearls, you can create your own Rihanna-esque stunners out of a pair of round sunglasses (these are the ones our bloggers used).

2. Throw Some Glitter, Make It Rain On ‘Em

purple glitter sunglasses

A little glitter and glue can go a long way with a pair of solid-colored shades (like these purple frames).

3. Tell Me About It, Stud

teal studded sunglasses

DIY-ing your own sunglasses doesn’t mean you have to go over the top. Give your shades a little edge by gluing a few studs to a pair of bright frames (like these).

4. Heavy Petal

pink floral sunglasses

Add a feminine touch to a pair of browline sunglasses (like these) with a little floral detailing added to the rim.

5. We Like Big Buttons (And We Cannot Lie)

sunglasses with teal buttons

A button, a few studs, and a temple full of glitter give these cat eyes a life of their own.

6. All That Glitters is Gold

gold glitter sunglasses

When in doubt, adding glitter is an easy way to up the ante on any pair of shades. Personally, we’re pretty impressed with how this retro pair turned out!