Are you someone who picks the first pair of sunglasses you see off the rack, tries them on, and says “Meh, good enough?” If so, you probably have never experienced the feeling of wearing a pair of sunglasses that fit your face well! You don’t have to spend hours trying on frames, you just need to know what you’re looking for.

Here are some tips to use next time you’re purchasing your sunglasses to be sure you get a pair that fit.

  • The frame should fit snugly on your ears and nose. They shouldn’t pinch, squeeze or slide down.
  • The weight of the sunglasses should be evenly distributed between your nose and ears. You shouldn’t have indents on your nose when you take them off.
  • Styles with spring hinges allow for a snugger fit without causing headaches or bending the frame.
  • Your eyelashes should not hit the lenses.
  • When shopping online, use the information on the product page!
  • If you have a pair of glasses or sunglasses that fit your face well, measure that frame so you can look for sunglasses with similar sizing.

When shopping for sunglasses online, the product description will usually say if the sunglasses fit narrow, average, or wide faces. And almost always, the frame dimensions are listed. Don’t buy anything without reading the product description so you know what you’re ordering.

If you have a very narrow or very wide face, sometimes it can be disheartening when shopping for sunglasses in a store. However, at Sunglass Warehouse, we carry a wide range of frame sizes so you can find the perfect pair!

If you find that your sunglasses do need some adjustments to better fit your face, then read this helpful blog about adjusting sunglasses. Good luck and enjoy the sun (with the protection of SPF and shades of course)!