metal aviator sunglasses Sunglass WarehouseHere’s my biggest problem. I’m driving wearing my sunglasses and when I get to my apartment I end up wearing them in and of course setting them down on the dining room table. Then, I get into my car and realize I’m being blinded, but I’m sunglasses-less. That’s where pair one comes in. So you know that you need at least one pair. The pair that you can leave in your car at all times. Be sure to put in a safe place though, like your glove box, so they don’t melt or warp.

So what about when you go to a friend’s house and leave those sunglasses in your car. But she opts to drive. That’s why you need pair two; a pair to keep in your purse at all times. Of course, the pair in your purse (or at least in mine) usually gets roughed up, which is why you should probably have a case for them as well. You don’t want to be like me, and end up with your car sunglasses on your dining room table and the pair in your purse bent.

When I’m at my apartment, I walk to take the trash out, check the mail, work out at our fitness center or go to the pool. That’s why I have a pair of sunglasses in my apartment, since I won’t be driving and probably won’t walk my purse to the mailbox. So that’s three. I would say you need three definitely, but needing and wanting are completely different things. You’ll probably want to have different styled sunglasses, different colored frames to match different outfits, etc. And this is perfectly acceptable behavior. You can never have two many pairs of sunglasses.

How many do you need?