The ever-changing sunglass trends can make it difficult to keep up. And when it’s time to buy a few new pairs, it may seem overwhelming with all the size, shape, and style options at your fingertips. Do you stick with a classic frame with trendy accents or opt for a statement-making frame? If you’re not sure where to start, never fear! Our Trend-o-Meter will give you an overview of the degree of trendiness for each category, and our Trend Scale indicates the trend level of two styles from each category, with the most trendy style at the red-hot end of the scale.

At the top of our trend list, the styles in the colorful lens category are best known for their — you guessed it — colorful lenses! In eye-catching colors, a pair of shades from this category can be a statement piece for your wardrobe. Colorful lenses appear on any frame shape, material, or size, and can give any style a bold look. These lenses are most commonly mirrored and many two-toned mirrored lenses reveal a different color when the frame is moved. Sunglasses in this trend category frequently feature other trendy elements such as a brow bar, flat lenses, or keyhole bridge.

Depending on your desired level of trend, you can rock a style like Duke with a flat top and colorful mirrored lenses, or tone it down with classic aviator shape like Desert.

Fun fact: Mirrored lenses became popular in the ‘40s to cut down on glare by reflecting the sun’s glare, making it more than just a fashion feature!

If you’re looking for something a bit more subdued, look no further than shades with flat lenses! This style feature is found on all frame shapes, and depending on the frame shape, material, and size, the flat lens may be subtle or obvious. Because flat lenses are a less flashy trend element, other dashes of trend usually accompany it – mirrored lenses, brow bars, oversized lenses, or cut out and geometric frames.

Take, for example, our Floyd frame which is a trendier flat lens because of its browline shape, teardrop lenses, and keyhole bridge. Mac’s flat lenses are more subtle because of the thickness of the frame and its retro square shape.

A trendy spin-off of the classic aviator style, these sunglasses feature the striking, stylistic brow bar, which is generally a metal accent to the frame. The brow bar can be curved or straight, and can either stretch across the entire front of the frame, or just a segment of it. Want to up the ante on the trend scale? Choose a style with a double brow bar!

Bellina’s oversized cat eye frame features a full-frame brow bar, as well as a variety of lens tint options, making it at the trendy side of our scale. A matte plastic frame, metal keyhole bridge, and brow bar make Stevie a trendy but conservative brow bar frame.


This trend might be one you hardly even notice on many frames! The space created by the bridge shape resembles a keyhole, giving this feature its name. Keyhole bridges are found on any sunglass shape and are often positioned higher or lower on the frame to drastically change the effect the bridge has.

Cash’s round frame is a trendy keyhole bridge option because of its clear colored frame options. Potrero’s keyhole bridge is the main focal point of this classic round frame, placing it lower on the trend scale.

Fun fact: This trend is not just for aesthetic purposes, either! For those with a low nose bridge, keyhole bridges help to keep your shades in place.

As far as trends go, retro classic is one everyone can agree on. The classic frame shapes — aviator, round, browline, and retro square — have been a wardrobe staple for decades and aren’t going anywhere. Many of these styles are unisex and come in neutral colors like black, tortoise, and grey, making them as versatile as shades can get. Because retro classic styles have minor trend elements, we like to think of retro classics as the gateway to other sunglass trends. Throw ‘em on and #getoutthere; no need to question if the shades are still in style.

Cali’s retro round shape and metal frame are topped off by the subtle, textured bridge. The classic retro square shape and polarized lenses are why Drifter is one of our most popular styles.

While we’ve hit some of the main trends you’re likely to find as you shop, there are many others! Browse all trending sunglasses to see the most popular styles or shop all sunglasses for a full lineup of hundreds of styles for $15 or less.