You did it again, didn’t you? You left your sunglasses in the car…on the seat or dash…on a hot day. Do they still fit? Here are little science lessons for you: plastic melts. Metal melts. And when your car is parked in the sun, regardless of its color, the inside can reach anywhere from 120-180 degrees! (Hence why we don’t leave our pets or children in the car!)

But what about your sunglasses, what happens to them when they are left behind?!

Plastic Different plastics have different melting (softening) points.  The different plastics can begin to melt at 70 degrees Celsius, whereas other won’t melt until 260 degree Celsius.  This depends on the plastic.  Sometimes it will just soften, and therefore be easily re-shaped. Others will char and turn black.  Plastics can also decompose or be melted in boiling water.  So regardless, plastic can melt. Please keep in mind that 160 degrees Fahrenheit equals a mere 71.1 degrees Celsius, which is when some plastics will start to melt…Bye, bye sunglasses!

Metal – Again, different metals have different melting points.  The large array of metals can begin to melt at 217 degrees Celsius. As an example, Aluminum melts at 660 C and 1220 F…Silver melts at 961 C 1760 F.  So what does this mean for your sunglasses? Nada…Regardless of the type of metal, your sunglasses are made out of, they will not melt in your car. However, they will burn your face! If they have been sitting in your windshield especially, which can, and will, get the hottest, those bad boys can easily reach a smoldering 180 degrees!

So ladies, gentleman…if you’re planning on leaving your shades in your car…Keep them locked away. The center console, glove compartment, etc. are all perfect places to stash your shades and avoid the heat.

So please…be wary of warping your lenses!

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