Guy on Cell Phone with Sunglasses

Have you ever seen someone, out in public, with sunglasses on…walking about like they own the place? Probably talking on their phone, way too loud, acting as if the words, “I’m important” are tattooed on their you know what?

We have all seen that guy…you know, that guy…he’s probably beside you, right now, (start to panic) secretly checking you out but its impossible to tell because he has sunglasses on and you can’t see his eyes! Yeah, now you’re with me…that guy

Or wait…Are you that guy?

Ahem…either way, I have taken it upon myself to find some helpful information for those of you who are or hate that guy…Enjoy reading and take notes!

Do you think you’re cool? What’s makes a person cool? Is cool always popular? Does wearing sunglasses automatically make you cool? If you even ask yourself this question, then you probably know the answer.

Have you been in an uncool situation? You know, you’re surrounded by those who think they’re awesome and important but DEFINITELY have a lack-there-of?!

Do you take being cool seriously? How do you define a person as ‘cool’? Here’s a how-to and the definition of cool for you, you know, just in case you’ve mistaken something or someone for being cool…i.e. that guy… Read it: How to Be Cool

Do yourself a favor…and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes…Don’t be this guy: Sunglasses at Night

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