If your accio costume spell isn’t doing the trick, we suggest an easy Muggle-made alternative. Transform into your favorite Harry Potter character with items you can find in your closet and shades you can snag from our costume collection.

Get your friends in on the action by altering Harry’s basic wizarding attire to fit everyone’s favorite Hogwarts student. And if there becomes a dispute over who gets to be Hermione, you always take it up with the sorting hat.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter costume

  • Yellow-and-red striped necktie
  • Black robe (use an old black sheet or graduation gown)
  • Perfectly round glasses (like these)
  • Use eyeliner or face paint to create a lightning bolt scar.
  • Wand: Use a thin stick or roll brown construction paper to make your own.

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood costume

  • Pink tweed coat
  • Printed dress or skirt
  • Combat boots
  • Spectrespecs (like these)
  • Blue tights
  • Layer brightly-colored slouch socks
  • Radish earrings: Make your own wild earrings (they don’t have to be radishes) using beads, string, a wine cork, earring parts, etc.

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