The Girls With Glasses Pinterest Takeover

September is a good month. Besides the obvious reasons (football and tailgating, fresh seasons of our favorite TV shows, and pumpkin spiced everything back on shelves) we’ve got another surprise in store: Brooke and Summer of The Girls with Glasses will be taking over Pinterest —

For the next couple of weeks, the singer/songwriter and the ELIZA Magazine editor will be pinning anything and everything that inspires them (or makes their hearts pitter-patter) to a very special Pinterest board shared exclusively with us. Along with gotta-have-now clothes, cool ideas, good eats, perfect quotes, and clever crafts, The Girls will also be pinning their favorite shades from yours truly. (Be on the lookout for reasons why they love each pair in the pin description!)

Before they start pinning away, we chatted with Summer about The Girls’ online presence, personal style, and penchant for glasses. Read on!

The Girls with Glasses

You gals met on social media. How did that influence your decision to create an online presence?

Summer: In more ways than one, it was an amazing start to something cool. I was able to meet a like-minded person online. The ability to connect with people online has only grown in the last four years, and our choice to start online is an extension of that. We are able to put something very “us” out there, and because of our real but inspirational vibe, we have found an audience of gals that we get to create things for. Gals that we would hang out with if they were our neighbors.

How has modeling shaped your personal style and taste?

Summer: Style is a combination of everything that you see and experience in life. Living in Japan, Paris, New York, Germany, and Los Angeles helped me hone into exactly what I like in fashion. Each city has such a different take on clothes, and I felt very liberated to wear anything I wanted. From the high-fashion dramatic pieces to carefully-quirky touches, I like a juxtaposition of modern and timeless, but not taking anything too serious.

Why glasses?

Summer: They help you see the world more clearly, they’re a stylish accessory that has a purpose, and they’re Superman’s secret weapon. They aren’t a disguise for us, but they are a differentiator. When you perform or act, you have to be a certain way, but when we are The Girls with Glasses, we can be ourselves — our goofy, flawed, girly, energetic selves.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us and collaborate on Pinterest! We can’t wait to see what The Girls with Glasses are digging this September. Be sure to follow the Pinterest board (at Sunglass Warehouse) so you don’t miss a beat.

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