Reminder: Mother’s Day is coming up.

If you haven’t started thinking about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, it’s okay. That’s why we’re here. And while we’re not going to pretend like we’re the Mother’s Day experts, we will share with you what gifts we, at Sunglass Warehouse, are getting our moms this year.

We asked some of our team members what they have in store for their moms this year and why. Copying our ideas is encouraged, and at the very least, this list will get you brainstorming. Read on for direct quotes from our team, and a plethora of sentimental, mom-will-go-bananas-over-this gift ideas that will melt her heart.

Mothers Day Gift IdeasMother’s Day Gift Ideas from Sunglass Warehouse


“Flowers are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.” — Jon

“Because Mother’s Day falls right in the prime time of planting, my mom always loves to receive gifts for her to put in the yard. I always try to mix it up with fun, decorative pieces along with flowers for her to plant! This has turned into a small tradition for my family.” — Kari D.

“All of the products from EcoFlower are made out of recycled and sustainable materials. My mom loves flowers and all things crafty, so these bouquets are a perfect gift for her, great for the environment and not to mention, they won’t die after a week.” —Ashley

“My mom likes flowers. She has a green thumb and likes to grow things. I’ll probably help with that as well.” —Zach

A Phone Call of Unlimited Length

“Because she will like to hear my voice and this way, she can hear it as long as she likes.” —Chad

A Nice Card

“My mom always says she doesn’t want ‘stuff’ and she’d rather spend time as a family. We usually write her a sweet card that she can keep on display and take her out to dinner! Usually the night includes a few different games, too.” —Kendall

A Nest

“My brother suggested it and I can’t think of anything better.” —Angie

Something Sentimental

“Maybe a framed photo… we are both nostalgia hoarders.” —Julie

“I’m getting her framed art from Minted — it’s personal and meaningful.” —Hannah

A prayer box from Francesca’s. My mom tends to be a worry-wart. I thought by writing down her thoughts that she can relieve some stress with this gift!” —Rachael

A Gift Card

“I like to give her gift cards so she can choose what she would like.” —Melissa

Lunch and a Movie

“My mom has fallen in love with this gluten-free restaurant that we will be going to. And I’m taking her to see the movie, Mother’s Day!” —Kari S.

DIYing Stuff

“I’ll be making her some jewelry! It’s cheap and she loves handmade gifts from the heart” —Elizabeth

And there you have it! As you can see, most of us are getting our moms flowers or a sentimental gift. As the old saying goes, “When in doubt, flowers and cards will ensure that your mom is happy on Mother’s Day.” And isn’t that the most important part?