Fashion Style 800 Sunglasses

Men, are you the type to wear sunglasses for the shear purpose of protecting your eyes from the sun?

But, are you also the type to wear sunglasses that flatter your face and make you feel confident, all while your shades are doing their job and protecting your eyes from the sun at the same time?

Well, most men are…and should be! Wear what looks good on you! Now I’m not saying let’s go over board and strive to become the next Justin Bieber, Kayne West or Usher of sunglasses…I’m just saying that sunglasses are important for your eyes, and what’s wrong with wearing a pair that represents you? In a flattering way that is…

So gents, look no further, because I am here with the most clutch summer shades known to man…Introducing our Fashion Style 800! At a whopping $12.71 these dashing specs are a guaranteed perfect fit for you and your wallet!

They come in grey or silver and darn the wrap around style with thick temples, which makes this pair of sunglasses a Must Have for any fashion oriented guy who cares for the health and safety of his eyes. With UV400 protection included, these sunglasses are a savior for summer! So boys, go get you some!

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