6 Frozen Summer Treats

It’s late August and here in Indiana that really means only one thing. It’s hot. To cool off during these dog days of summer, we prefer treating ourselves to something sweet, delicious, and preferably, cold.

Take a look at our list of favorite frozen treats, make one (or a few) for yourself, and check out how our friends, the 3×3 bloggers, are crafting their own versions of these treats, too! Stay cool out there.


Fig Ricotta Milkshake from Fashion Edible

Fig Ricotta Milkshake from Fashion Edible

Classic and traditional. No matter your flavor (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry … all three?) you can’t go wrong with this old-school treat. Whip one up in your blender at home or grab one from from your favorite local spot. Bonus points if you find a restaurant that serves “adult” shakes. Now that’s something we can get on board with.

Grace from Fashion Edible also loves milkshakes in the summer. Check out her post here (and see how she’s styling our SW shades while you’re at it).


Bomb pops, fruit bars, icees … who doesn’t love cooling down with a refreshing popsicle? We suggest you keep these on hand for all occasions. You never know when that popsicle craving might hit after mowing the lawn, going for a run, or really doing anything that involves going outside in ninety-degree heat.

Feeling domestic? Try out one of these easy, yet eye-pleasing popsicle recipes … Thanks, Pinterest.

Ice Cream SAndwich

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sweet & Salty Ice Cream Sandwich from Runway Chef

Cookie? Sandwich? How about both? Grab a frozen pack from the grocery store for you and the kids, or get crafty and make your own with a pint of custard and some gooey, homemade cookies. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it…

Alyssa from Runway Chef shows us how ice cream sandwiches should be done. Check out her blog full of great recipes and loads of style (and shades from SW, of course).


¡Arriba! We like our frozen treats the way we like our drinks … spiked! Our favorite trend in margaritas this summer? Grapefruit! This refreshing spin on the Mexican classic is the perfect poolside or backyard barbecue cocktail.

Check out our Pinterest board, The Liquor Cabinet, for a sassy grapefruit margarita recipe and other cocktail inspirations. Cheers!


Lime Sorbet

Lime Sorbet from Luci’s Morsels

Ciao bella. If you’re noshing on granitas this summer, you’re doing it right. This icy treat is the perfect dessert for your next outdoor dinner party. It’s classy enough that it looks great served in fancy dishes, but it’s simple enough that everyone will like it. Win-win? We think so.

Luci from Luci’s Morsels is serving up sorbet all summer long. Check out her blog here and get a glimpse of her #SW style.

Snow Cone

Hey, your mouth is blue … alright, you’re good.

The snow cone is an American summer staple. And not to mention, the number one babysitting technique on the planet.

Go crazy with suicide snow cone flavor combinations, just like you used to do at the soda fountain as a kid (or still do … it’s cool we won’t tell), or stick with the tried-and-true blue raspberry, root beer float, or sour rainbow flavors. Making your own syrups is super easy, too. The secret ingredient? Kool-aid!

Need some shades to go with those cool, summer desserts? We’ve got you covered.

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