Today’s topic: Details.  Today’s subject: SW Oversized Style# 512

When taking product photos it’s always important to remember that you are the eyes to the product.  The viewer of the product is going to see only what you allow them to see…and that should be everything.

Start by giving them a near 360 degree view with multiple shots and angles.  To give the full view of a pair of sunglasses I shoot an angle, front on, and side shot.  With these three shots you’re able to show each arm inside and out, any details on the arms, and give a good view of the front of the glasses.  Always keep in mind that if another angle is necessary to highlight the sunglasses, take it.  You can never be too thorough when showing a product.

Next, shoot a close up shot of any exciting details.  Don’t leave anything to the imagination when it comes to details.  If there’s a rhinestone pattern, a logo, or a metal design, show it.  Always bring light to interesting touches.  Remember, you’re the eyes for the purchaser.  Don’t leave them in the dark.

Finish up with editing (of course).  Be certain to remove dust and finger prints.  Also, remove any trace of a backdrop.  From time to time the edge of the backdrop may be seen as a darker area on the top of the glasses lens.  This can be reduced be either extending the backdrop or lifting it up slightly to even out the lens.  If that isn’t successful it is easy to digitally remove.  I prefer the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop.   Remember: all these imperfections do is distract from the amazing product you’re photographing…so get rid of ’em!

Use these tips and keep those cameras clicking.  Happy Photographing!