Things are getting pretty as a postcard around the Sunglass Warehouse home-front, and it’s all thanks to the ready-for-summer sunglass colors.  Who doesn’t love bright apple green sunglasses and blue hues that rival those of the ocean?

With such a rainbow of sunglasses, it’s hard not to find creative inspiration…IE: A postcard made out of sunglasses!

For this image, I stretched my creative abilities and started with my inspiration: sunglasses.  I pieced together colorful sunglasses to depict a beach scene that would make Bob Ross proud.  Tan shades made the sand, a rainbow of aviators made a colorful sun, and the water and mountain range of blue and green sunglasses helped complete the picture-perfect sunglass beach.

For the background, I painted the same scene on Photoshop.  When my scene was complete, I added the over-lay of the sunglass beach and topped the whole scene off with a catchy postcard greeting.  Viola!  A sunglass beach pretty enough for a postcard!

Creative inspiration can stem from anything or anywhere, so cut loose, get innovative, have fun, and get creative.

What’s your creative inspiration?