In our previous post you read about some great fall activities to do with family and/or friends. While it’s all fun and games, let’s not forget that the greatest accessory you could add to your activity time is nothing less than a spectacular pair of sunglasses. I mean, we’re not biased or anything, but we’re pretty sure we have the coolest specs around. #humblebrag

Anyways, you don’t want to blind yourself trying to pick the best apple at the orchard or squint trying to watch the band at your local community festival. With that being said, we want to show you five of our raddest glasses that will be more than happy to accompany you on your next adventure.


Rowdy (Above): Coming in as a Sunglass Warehouse favorite, the Rowdy is a perfect mixed metal frame that will make you scream with excitement like this adorable kitten. These shades are as cool as they come and if the cat loves them this much, so should you.

ColtIf you find yourself taking a nice fall bike ride or even hiking trails, you won’t want to miss seeing all of the beautiful scenery and nature that you’re surrounded by. These glasses are not only a comfortable wrap-fit, but they’re also polarized. #winning


Wingman (Above)You won’t feel like the wingman (or wingwoman) in these shades, but rather the star of the show. While you can take these with you to the apple orchard, these are also the perfect shades for shopping at the closest outlet with friends. Heck, go get your favorite alcoholic drink and enjoy wearing these while sipping on something satisfying.

AltaWe all know that concert season never stops. Why not show up to the next venue feeling the rockstar that we know you are. These futuristic shades (with the oh-so trendy cutouts) will have you become the talk of the show. Will the crowd be looking at you or the music artist? We aren’t really sure, but we’re guessing you.


Cash (Above)If you have cash, you need to buy these. But serious – we know there are tons of fall festivals happening. Actually, we guarantee there are. So, why not whip out a great pair of sunglasses that will make you feel this great (and look this happy)? The Cash is a Sunglass Warehouse exclusive that will have you feeling retro, but super classic.

As you can tell, sunglasses are a vital part for fall. Whatever you’re doing, think twice about the vibes you want to give off with the shades that you decide to wear. Whether you’re feeling “rocker” or wanting to be a little more “plain,” we have something for you. We promise. So, #domorethisfall with a little fashion help from yours truly.