Shopping for Father’s Day may seem like a short and simple task, but for many of us it actually takes some time and thought. Finding the perfect gift that shows our appreciation is hard, especially when nothing ever seems good enough.

When looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, there are three important guidelines to follow. First, it’s important to find a gift that your father will actually use — nothing is worse than your gift gathering dust in a closet. Second, it’s useful to find a gift that matches their style and allows them to embrace their quirkiness. Third, it’s important to find a gift that shows your dad that you know his interests and hobbies.

So what to get Dad this year? The answer is sunglasses! A new pair of shades are the perfect gift because they’re stylish, can be used daily, and are even favored for specific hobbies. From goofy dads to sporty dads, we have a pair of sunglasses for every dad interest and personality!

1. The Athletic and Sporty Dad

Whether he hits the gym daily or loves attending sporting events, the Athletic Dad is always on the go and needs a pair of shades that are going to keep up with him. With a wraparound polycarbonate frame and polarized lenses, our Hawthorn sunglasses are fit for every Sporty Dad.

wraparound golf sunglasses

2. The Handyman Dad

He’s always prepared and has the tools to fix anything at anytime. But now, he needs the slick shades to back up his groove. For the dad that loves his power tools as much as his children, we recommend our safety wraparound Basin sunglasses.


3. The Down to Business Dad

He might dress well for work, but having some cool shades will take his mojo to the next level. A pair of metal wraparound sunglasses (like our Limestone shades) will do the trick.


4. The Nerdy Dad

If your dad still wears his Rolling Stones shirt from 45 years ago, you better bet he’s going to love our browline Harlem sunglasses. These polarized shades cut glare so Dad can enjoy his book or newspaper outdoors without squinting.


5. The Trendy Dad

He might be up-to-date with fashion and wear the most trendy outfits, but does he have sunglasses that say the same thing? Complete his look with our Piston mirrored aviators.


6. The Outdoorsy Dad

He’s outdoors, always on the go, and likes anything related to camping, fishing, and hiking. For the Outdoorsy Dad, try a pair of Biscayne sunglasses for his next adventure — they even float!


7. The Goofy Dad

He never stops cracking jokes (which are mostly comprised of bad puns). A pair of silly shades, like our Roman sunglasses, might embrace his goofy personality.


This year, don’t stress about finding your dad a Father’s Day gift — we’ve got you (and your old man) covered.