Top designers released their new fall/winter 2011 lines recently, with fashion week taking over New York, Paris, and Milan.  Fashion week is most well known for the often very exotic apparel that walks the runways. This year, we loved watching the fabulous new sunglasses featured at several shows.

Fur is all the rage in this season’s collections (go faux, of course!).  The trend even has made it into sunglass styles…

Furry Sunglasses

No, you aren’t imagining things; and no, those aren’t two giant furry caterpillars on the temples of those shades.  Those are furry sunglasses. These glasses mix the fur and the retro aviator sunglasses trends!

I’m not sure if this particular look is one that will reach the streets, but it definitely can inspire you to be more adventurous with your fashion choices!  And you can always go for a smaller fur accent somewhere else in the outfit…

Golden Sunglasses

These golden sunglasses were featured at the Prada show in Milan.  Perhaps the best way to describe them is oversized aviators crossed with ski goggles. Somehow the look works. For some similar shades I would check out our shield sunglasses.

As you put together your next outfit, remember what fashion week always reminds us: don’t be afraid to be a little outrageous with your style and have some fun!