We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun.  We wear headbands to keep our hair out of our face.  Both items have a function. A purpose. An objective. And shockingly enough, some of these necessary accessories, serve multiple functions, while maintaining fashion.

Take your everyday sunglasses.  We use these beautiful things for countless purposes:

  1. Looking stylish..
  2. Keeping the sun from your eyes so you can see..
  3. Preventing wrinkles from appearing around your eyes..
  4. As a headband, keeping your hair out of your face.

Yes, I said as a headband.  Am I the only human alive with long hair who holds their hair back with their sunglasses? Granted, I only do this when I am wearing my sunglasses and it’s no longer sunny, but still, I do use them to keep my hair out of my face. Therefore these once everyday sunglasses are now a crucial fashion accessory.  Not only do my shades add style, but they also serve a purpose.

Now take headbands. These helpful jewels were mainly created to hold our hair out of our face, right? Today, they not only hold our hair back but also pose as a pivotal fashion accessory! The new bedazzled headbands add glamour and girly fun to all wardrobes. Whether they serve their original intended purpose and pull your hair out of your face is meaningless. They are now being specifically designed to decorate your head, period.

These two everyday accessories define the new trend for function with fashion. You want your sunglasses to look good and prevent wrinkles. You want your headband to hold your bangs out of your face and complement your outfit. Today, my friends, is the dawn of reinvention.

Fashionable Functions, straight ahead…