Every now and then, I feel like I slip into a fashion rut. You know the feeling — you sit in front of your closet, staring blankly, because you have nothing to wear.

You could pull out your go-to favorite, or you could try something new. Ladies have been adorably pulling off the menswear look for awhile now, and it’s not so scary! Most of us have these pieces in our closet already; it’s just a matter of pairing. Don’t be afraid to dress down, because we all know, less can be more. 😉


Menswear Inspiration

I love that this look is so simple, yet can make you feel feminine at the same time (a cute pair of shorts always does that, right??). Take a simple v-neck tee of any color. Go the extra mile and steal a classic Hanes V-Neck undershirt from your guy. Just make sure it’s perfectly white! Pair this with some fitted shorts and a comfy pair of flats. Or, play up the androgynous feel and sport a pair of heels or wedges.

Finish off the look with some tousled hair that pokes out from underneath a fedora, and a girly pair of shades. Such a simple look that takes no time at all! You’ll be comfortable and cute — now how often does that happen?