Faces vary greatly between peoplethey make us unique and help us tell each other apart. This uniqueness is furthered by our choices in hairstyle, makeup, facial hair, as well as accessories like earrings, piercings, and, of course, eyewear.

The choices we make for ourselves can come and go with the seasons, but when developing a character for a TV show or film, these choices are often permanent and can be the defining feature of a particular character. We researched 27 well-known people from pop culture for a fun look at the use of eyewear by these characters.

What would X-Men’s Cyclops be without his visor or glasses? A destructive mess. And in Kingsman, Eggsy’s glasses signify his transformation from street thug to secret service gentlemen. Check out the graphic below to find more of your favorite eyewear-sporting characters!

famous pop culture eyewear infographic

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Did you recognize most of those characters? Much of the eyewear worn by these characters is for function. After all, Milhouse, Tina Belcher, and Daria would be essentially blind if they didn’t have their glasses!

However, many sunglasses are worn for style as well—characters like Walter White, Morpheus, and Maverick simply wouldn’t give off the same vibe without their eyewear. You can browse our different men’s and women’s sunglasses to discover a look that is uniquely you.