Did you go a little overboard in the candy aisle this Halloween? Maybe you over-anticipated the number of trick-or-treaters at your door. Maybe you thought the kiddos would love your stash of Swedish Fish, and that just wasn’t the case this year. Or perhaps, you forgot about the extra bags still stuffed in your pantry.

Whether you’re candy-happy or are just candied-out, there’s no reason to let all of those sweets grow stale in the cupboard. We scoured a spectrum of recipe sites to bring you the most mouth-watering ways to re-invent those leftovers.

1. Almond Joy Brownies

This delicious recipe combines classic brownies with an almond-coconut twist.


2. Candy Cake

Try this Bundt cake recipe filled with the Reese’s, Heath Bars, M&M’s, or Milky Ways you have sitting around!


3. Peanut Butter Twix Ice Cream

For the ice cream and Twix lovers out there, this recipe is a match made in dessert heaven.


4. Candy Corn and Pretzel Bark

We love this salty-sweet candy bark combination — perfect for snacking during Thanksgiving festivities!


5. Skittles Sugar Cookies

What better way to taste the rainbow than to sprinkle them into your cookie dough? Click here for the recipe.


6. Snickers Apple Salad

This savory apple salad is a favorite here at Sunglass Warehouse, and it’s so easy to make! Plus, you feel a little less guilty for devouring the entire dish because hey, it has apples in it!


7. Dessert Sushi

Speaking of Swedish Fish, why not make these adorable Rice Krispies sushi treats? Your friends will think they’re almost too cute to eat!


What’s your favorite post-Halloween candy dessert? Let us know below!