If a guy grows out his facial hair, it can be a really big deal to him. It’s his pride and joy, something he pampers and spends a disproportionate amount of time taking care of.

Since so much time goes into maintaining it, facial hair is not something to be taken lightly. Much like choosing a hairstyle, hat, or sunglasses, growing and styling facial hair dramatically affects your appearance.

The choice for facial hair styling is significantly influenced by culture and trends, personal style, and face shape. Beards pair well with all lengths of hair, but they also require more maintenance to keep from looking too shaggy. Mustaches are often associated with the person who popularized the style and specific styles pair well with certain beards too.

But how does choosing sunglasses come into play with facial hair styling? Usually the shape of your face dictates which sunglass styles will complement it best. For example, men with a square face look better with round glasses. And if you have a round face, more angular or square-looking glasses tend to complement it well. However, certain facial hair styles can change the shape of your face, and they also introduce another layer of style to account for. Check out our facial hair and sunglass pairing guide below to learn which styles of sunglasses go best with your beard or mustache:

How to choose sunglasses to match a beard and mustache

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This guide covers lots of popular facial hair styles and can help point you in the right direction in your search for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

It’s great to know things to avoid, such as the standard ‘stache with aviators if you don’t want the cop look. Or to wear thinner-framed glasses if you have a fuller beard. Personal style and preference obviously come into play and could affect your final decision.