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From those putting their hearts out on the field to those exploring the road less traveled, the SunglassWarehouse.com crew is pumped to introduce our latest series, where we highlight men and women committed to seizing the day and going Out & About. Check back each month as we interview individuals who have played, explored, lived, and gone the distance in the great outdoors.

Thinking about embarking on a Euro-trip adventure? Before you do, take some travel advice from Marie, the writer and travel enthusiast behind EuroTrip Tips. Her website is full of practical tips like what to pack, where to shop, and things you can do for free. Check out our interview with Marie below and find out how she was able to make traveling Europe more than just a hobby!

Marie of EuroTrip Tips

Could you give a brief introduction for our readers about yourself, your family, and your interests and hobbies?

Marie: I’m Marie, full-time travel blogger and Europe specialist. I’m happily married to a handsome fella who loves to travel the world with me (he is also very useful to carry luggage around!). We also have what we can only suppose is the world’s fattest cat, who we are always happy to return home to after each trip. Besides travel, I love all things British and Scandinavian, nail polish, cats, history, architecture, and indie music.

You went from jokingly discussing the idea of traveling the world with your boyfriend (now husband) to actually doing it. How did you go about making that idea a reality?

Marie: It actually happened while he was in university and was offered to go on a semester abroad by his advisor. We looked into different options and when we realized we could go to London for a year, we made it happen. Everything sort of fell into place from there — our love for Europe, for travel, for discovery. That was 6 (eek!) years ago and we haven’t stopped since. In that time period we’ve also lived in France and have explored at least a dozen new countries.

EuroTrip Tips

Your travels primarily focus on Europe. Why Europe? Are you interested in traveling to other continents?

Marie: I’m interested in everything! Almost every country appeals to me in some way. The only reason why I’ve seen so much of Europe despite an unquenchable thirst for discovery is because traveling within the continent is so easy; everything is just a two hour flight away! I’ve also been to Morocco and the U.S. I dream of New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Argentina, Western Canada, and so many other places!

What has been your favorite and least favorite place to visit? Why? 

Marie: While traveling throughout Europe I’ve become quite familiar with the different ways of life and traditions, and I’ve gotta admit that I’m a big fan of Northern Europe (Germany, Scandinavia, UK, etc.). I like the efficiency, the architecture, and even the weather! I would narrow down my favorite place to Scandinavia, a mix of Swedish chic, Norwegian outdoors, and Danish city vibes. Forward-thinking, outstandingly beautiful, incredibly stylish, not to mention historic, Vikings and delicious food — that’s Scandinavia for me!

I don’t think I’ve had a least favorite place so far. I’ve had highlights, of course, but each trip has been so different and so fulfilling in its own way. I had a rough start in Morocco but I now have very fond memories of the country.

EuroTrip Tips

You and your husband are currently living in France and, as you say, “eating your weight in baguettes.” What (or where) is next for you?

Marie: We will be visiting Iceland for the first time in the coming weeks, then vacationing to Cuba (a first as well!), and going to Japan in April for the sakura trees. Many exciting plans ahead!

What advice would you give to a couple who wants to start traveling together or even those about to relocate abroad?

Marie: Don’t be afraid to rely on each other from time to time. Travel burn-out is a thing, and moving abroad is a nerve-wracking process. Don’t ever forget each other when it becomes too much. The key to success here is teamwork and never forgetting to be kind to each other despite the stress. And once you’re there, enjoy the heck out of it!

EuroTrip Tips

You spend 24/7 together with no regrets. Do you have any advice to couples who hope to achieve the same success?

Marie: Respect is the key component to any great relationship, I think. Be kind. Be passionate. Be considerate. Be honest. Be equals, not competitors. True love isn’t a sprint; it’s a beautiful, enriching marathon.

Thank you to Marie for spending some time with us! We’re ready to take on Europe 🙂 Share your own travel adventures with us on Facebook and Twitter!