Suits can look deceivingly similar on the surface. Typically, there’s a jacket, a pair of pants, a shirt, and a tie or bowtie. Suits can seem so basic that it’s easy to assume that only the Don Drapers and David Beckhams of the world can pull them off because maybe they’re just born with “the look” for it. However, you don’t have to be a high-powered executive or a professional athlete to pull off a great looking suit. Knowing how to wear a suit and making it look good is easily within your reach.

The fit of a suit is the foundation on which to complete the rest of your look. If you have a jacket that feels suffocating to button up or pants that sag, factors such as materials, style, and colors can’t really save you.

Once you see a proper suit compared to an ill-fitting one, the little details will start to stand out to you. These subtle details of a suit can add up to have a dramatic impact on the final appearance. Follow these 23 essential suit rules so you can wear a suit and style it with confidence.



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Once you get the fit of the suit down, you can start putting together the remaining details of your outfit. Of course your shoes and haircut matter too, but you want to start considering details like accessories. Following our rules above, you want to keep accessories from getting too busy. Consider a tie bar, pocket square, and some cool sunglasses for an easy combination, but don’t add a ton more just because you have it on hand!