Don Draper is back and sporting his signature gold aviators! Looking effortlessly cool next to his beautiful wife, Don and his silent (literally, silent) confidence have us officially obsessed with the show all over again!

While we’re sure the ad man and his lady paid a pretty penny for their pairs, we can’t wait to welcome the warm breeze in similar — and more affordable — retro frames inspired by the Drapers’ isle style.

Skim through the frames below to see the looks we’re mad for this summer, and be sure to click through the images to snag your own pair!


Don Draper Style Sunglasses


Don Draper sunglasses

SW Round Aviator Style #91


don draper style sunglasses

SW Large Aviator Style #2005


Mad Men sunglasses

 SW Polarized Aviator Style #1121


Megan Draper Style Sunglasses


Megan Draper sunglasses

SW Round Oversized Style #8885


Megan Draper style sunglasses

SW Round Fashion Style #2260


Megan Draper style sunglasses

SW Round Celebrity Style #179

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