diy festive frames

Whether you’re dressed to the nines or sporting the ugliest sweater you can find, the holiday season (or as we like to call it — party season) presents the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style. That’s why this winter, we’ve challenged crafty DIY bloggers with the task of transforming our shades into holiday glasses that are 100% unique. Check back each week as we feature new frames or browse the entire batch of DIY-ed styles here.

Today’s frames are suited for a Thanksgiving feast and come to us from Aunt Peaches.

finished turkey sunglasses


  • Awesome sunglasses like these (obviously)
  • Felt shapes: One half-moon shape the same width as glasses, one turkey shape the size of your thumb (instructions to follow)
  • Feathers: Autumnal colors and dotted guinea hen feathers are great
  • Two gems or beads for the eyes
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (and hot glue gun)

Step 1 – The Base

turkey sunglasses step 1

Use hot glue to attach the semi-circle of felt to the top ridge of sunglasses, carefully avoiding the hinges. To attach feathers, draw a single line of hot glue down the middle of the front side of the felt and gently place feather accordingly. Repeat, fanning feathers from the middle outward.

Step 2 – The Turkey

turkey sunglasses step 2

The easiest way to create a turkey is to trace your thumb on a piece of felt and follow the outline with a pair of scissors. For the waddle, cut out a wiggly blob of red, followed by the beak and feet (made of simple triangle shapes). Attach all the felt pieces using hot glue, followed by the eyes. Then rim the back with a few small feathers. When it’s done, use more hot glue to attach to your sunglasses, just above the ridge of the nose, making sure you can see through the lenses clearly.

 Aunt Peaches in the finished turkey glasses


Aunt Peaches DIY turkey sunglasses

Thanks again to Aunt Peaches for teaching us how to make our own turkey-tacular shades!

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