Hey guys, Maggie here with a bit of a confession. I have a dresser drawer solely dedicated to what I fondly call, junk. It’s full of random phone chargers, a headband or two, batteries, an old bathing suit top, my retainer from 5th grade, and more sunglasses than I care to admit. It’s slightly hoarder-esque, no judgement please.

I was recently searching for a pair of gold colored aviators and after a thorough search of my apartment, I ended up digging around in the abyss that is my junk drawer. I found them, in two pieces. I attempted to fix the shades, but quickly realized they were beyond repair. RIP aviators.

As I laid my sunnies to rest, I realized that I was slowly killing off my sunglasses by storing them in this way. Each pair had a few new scratches on the lenses or had become slightly cock-eyed after doing time in the junk drawer. In the hopes of reviving my shades, I decided to get crafty with my friend and fellow SunglassWarehouse Blog editor, Molly.

After some brainstorming, we came up with this fabulous (and beyond easy) sunglasses storage solution.

All you need is:

  • A frame (head to the dollar store for a cheapie), we used an 11 x 14 inch frame so that we could have two rows of sunglasses.
  • A stapler
  • Wire
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Fabric of your choice (we used a cute scarf).

Sunglasses Organization

Take apart the frame, removing the glass and the backing. Ditch the glass and the lovely picture of an unknown family–the backing is what we really care about. Heat up the hot glue gun and roll up your sleeves!

Storing Sunglasses

Cut your fabric, or in our case a yellow pashmina I was no longer wearing, to the size of the frame backing. Allow an extra inch or so on all sides so that you can fold it over the back. Lay the fabric flat on a solid surface. On the side of the backing to be covered, place two small dollops of hot glue in the top corners and QUICKLY flip over on to the fabric leaving an inch of fabric as a “border.”

Sunglasses DIY

Press down on the glued corners to adhere it to the fabric—this won’t be totally holding the fabric in place, but it will keep it from shifting throughout the process. Add glue to the bottom corners and press.

Glasses Storage

Now that you’ve got the fabric in place, fold over the extra fabric border and begin to staple it to the backing. Be sure to staple close to the edges so that the staples will be hidden by the frame. I also recommend stapling two opposite sides one after the other, as opposed to adjacent sides.

How to Store Sunglasses

Once you have the fabric totally secured. Flip over your backing and measure the length of wire you will need. You’ll be wrapping the wire around the back so double the frame width and add a few inches. Lay out a few sunglasses to determine where to put your rows. We left about six inches between the top wire and the second wire. To affix the first row of wire at your predetermined height, staple one end of the wire to the edge of the backing. Leave about six inches to wrap around the back. The staple will keep the wire from sliding.

Sunglasses Craft

Staple the wire to other side as before, then wrap each end to the back and twist together. Repeat the last two steps for your second length of wire.

Storing Sunglasses

Place your backing back into the frame and secure.

Do it Yourself Sunglasses Storage

Now flip that puppy over and start loading it up with sunglasses and reading glasses!

Sunglasses Storage

Hang your fabulous sunglasses storage piece on the wall or prop it on your dresser. To make this project your own, ditch the fabric for cute scrapbook pages and glue them to the backing with Mod Podge. Paint your frame or add fun details with paint or decoupage.

What do you think of our little project? Any other ideas to share with readers?