We’ve had some exciting things going on behind the scenes at Sunglwass Warehouse — we got a new office space! We are growing so quickly that we needed a bigger place to stretch our legs and store our sunglasses, so we made a huge upgrade. Our new office comes with tons of DIY and decorating opportunities, and we’re excited about one in particular: our own Sunglass Warehouse-themed meeting room!

The carpet’s orange and the walls are teal, but it’s our job to add some DIY flare. We found this cool sunburst mirror and wanted to make our own version, but in clock form.  Here’s how…


Gather your supplies:

Clock Supplies

We used a basic clock from IKEA and painted the outer rim with metallic and glitter acrylic paint. Then we picked up some Sunglass Warehouse-colored twigs from a craft supply store.


Paint and glue:

paint and glue

Paint the outer rim of the clock with the acrylic paint. Once dry, flip it over and begin hot gluing the twigs to the back of the clock. I added an extra layer of glue over the base of the twigs after I was finished for some stability.

Let the glue dry — then you’re done! We kept our twigs pretty long intentionally, but we snipped a few here and there to make it look a little more like a sunburst.


Step back and admire:

Finished Clock

Sunburst Clock DIY

You’re finished! Now you can hang and admire the fruits of your [easy] labor. It complements the room quite nicely, don’t you think? We’ll let you know how the room looks once we’re finished!