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Whether you’re dressed to the nines or sporting the ugliest sweater you can find, the holiday season (or as we like to call it — party season) presents the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style. That’s why this winter, we’ve challenged crafty DIY bloggers with the task of transforming our shades into holiday glasses that are 100% unique. Check back each week as we feature new frames or browse the entire batch of DIY-ed styles here.

Today’s polka dot frames come from Lindsey of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.

finished polka dot glasses

Hello there, I am Lindsey from over at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. Today I’m going to share with you this super fun and easy update to these classic frames from Sunglass Warehouse. Can I just tell you how much I love these glasses? Not only are they pink (my favorite color) but they’re also just a classic style.


polka dot glassses materials

  • The perfect pair of glasses (this also works great for sunglasses like these)
  • Washi tape (I bought mine at Target for $3.50, but you can get it at Michaels or find thousands of options on Etsy. Another option fun option is duct tape. They have so many fun patterned and colored duct tape options these days that would also work.)

Step 1  polka dot glasses step 1

Now to get started on the fun part. I’ll be completely honest, the hardest part is covering the ends. I decided that the easiest way to get the best coverage was to carefully rip a small piece of washi tape in half. This way, the tape could more easily be pulled tight and smooth along the line of the arm of the glasses like you see in the pictures above.

Step 2 polka dot glasses step 2

For the rest of the arms, I ripped and tore small pieces of washi tape while wrapping it as tightly and smoothly as I could around the arm. They are not going to be perfect with this method, but that’s part of the fun.

finished polka dot glasses

And when you are done, you are left with a cute update to your glasses!

audra in glasses

And just to show them off — my little one was anxious to try them on. She loved these glasses and thought I made them just for her.

finished polka dot glasses

Thank you, Sunglass Warehouse, for the fun glasses!

Thanks again to Lindsey of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market for teaching us how to DIY pink polka dot glasses!

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