diy your own photo booth

Looking for a way to shake up your next gathering — or just an excuse to party? A photo booth is an easy (yes, we said easy) way to take any event up a notch or two. Don’t believe us? We’ve broken it down into three simple steps so you can bookmark, pin, print, save, or stash these directions away until the urge to party strikes. Although we have a feeling that won’t be long…

diy photo booth materials


  • Digital camera (a point-and-shoot will do!)

  • Tripod

  • Remote shutter release

  • Painter’s tape

  • Materials for a backdrop (We used 5 scarves and thumbtacks)

  • Props (Skip down to Step 3 to see what we suggest)

Step 1: Set the Stage

camera setup

Start by selecting the location for your photo booth. While it will likely be the hit of the party, you don’t want it to block anyone’s path to the beverages or the bathroom. Pick somewhere prominent that will still be out of the way, like a hallway or corner of the room.

From here you simply need to set up your camera. Position it on top of your tripod and find a friend to model for you so you know what kind of space you’re working with. Use some painter’s tape to section off where your friends should stand so they’re not cut out of the frame, and also to note where the tripod should go. If you’re using a remote, be sure to place it somewhere that’s easy to spot.

Party Tip: Set a floor lamp next to your camera and point the bulbs in the direction of your backdrop to better capture all of the shenanigans that are about to take place.


Step 2: Paint the Scene

photo booth backdrop

Sure, the camera is set up and you could easily call it a day, but your guests will be yawning over your lackluster effort. This is a party photo booth after all, not school picture day. Create a backdrop that fits the occasion. We borrowed a brilliant idea from the girls at Scarves Dot Net and fashioned our backdrop out of a few scarves and a handful of thumbtacks.


Step 3: Pick the Props

photo booth props

To give our guests something to work with, we snagged a couple bar stools from the kitchen and a whole lotta props from all over the place. When selecting your props, consider the theme of your event and try to think outside of the box. Even everyday household items can create some hi-larious snapshots.

But of course, the staple of any photo booth is a bucket full of sunglasses. If you consider yourself crafty, you can DIY your own or if you’re feeling a little lazy short on time (yeah, that sounds better) we have an entire collection of novelty glasses that are sure to fit the bill.

finished photo booth

Looks like your photo booth is dressed up and ready to party down. Just don’t forget to charge the camera and free up some memory space before your guests arrive!

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