This is a time of year for Pomp and Circumstance, and it seems that every weekend there’s another graduate making the walk. This means you probably have a number of graduation parties on your social calendar. Give each graduate a good sendoff by giving them a unique and sentimental gift that they’ll truly appreciate.

If crafts just aren’t your thing, no need to stress. We’ve got lots of great gift ideas you can snag using our Mom, Dad, and Grad Gift Guide. Check it out and happy gifting! 

10 DIY graduation gift ideas


1. Diploma Frame from

Give your grad a way to proudly display their diploma. A custom-made frame will look classy and elegant in their future dorm or office. Or, take a vintage picture frame, mat board, and Plexiglas to create your own!


2. Personalized Poem or Book — Featured: Son: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Turn a memorable children’s book or sentimental illustrated poem into something personal by handwriting in your memories that relate to the grad’s life. For example, maybe a parent writes “Remember how little you were when you played the mouse in the school play? We were so proud of you” on a page about being a star in their eyes. It’s a special way to take a look back on life’s moments while looking ahead to the future.


3. Personalized Coasters by Lindsay from

This is a simple and personal DIY that looks great and is practical. Decoupage their favorite photos onto tiles to create personal coasters. Every time they use them, they’ll think of you.


4. Crate/Shutter Bookshelves by Erika from

Most recent grads have to deal with tight quarters — no matter if it’s a dorm or a tiny apartment. Give them a trendy way to keep their possessions organized with these DIY vintage-looking crates.


5. Dream Frame Change Bank from

All grads are pinching pennies, so help them save for their dreams by combining balsa wood, Plexiglass, and a favorite photo into a dream bank. This bank doubles as a photo frame, allowing the grad to display a photo that shows what they’re saving for — whether that’s a trip, a house, or student loans. You could even add to the gift by filling it with quarters — perfect for those pesky college laundry machines!


6. Photo Collage by Cali and  Emily from

Most grads are feeling sentimental about graduation and moving on to the next chapter. Help them remember old times with a DIY collage.


7. Shoe Shelves by Jost Litzen via

Again, new graduates often live in a cramped space, so this DIY shoe rack provides a stylish space saver for shoes. Help them free up a little closet room with this project.


8. Personal Key Rack from Nature’s Heavenly Art

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the dorm key, car key, gym key, work study room key, mom and dad’s house key, and the list goes on. This is a practical gift that they’ll no doubt use and appreciate.


9. Personalized Furniture by Jaime and Jacinda from

Graduates spend a lot of time sitting on uncomfortable library and desk chairs. This DIY cushion is perfect for everything from a hard chair to event bleachers — and even the floor.


10. T-Shirt Quilt by Michelle from

This is an oldie but goodie gift idea for a recent graduate. T-shirts are often sentimental and hard to throw away, but no one needs hundreds of them. Make a quilt that displays your grad’s old sport, school, and souvenir shirts.