Holiday DIYs

‘Tis the season for crafting! You’re not the only one adding more pins to that DIY board as the holidays approach. We challenged our favorite bloggers to create some fun, easy DIYs with nothing but a box of crazy-festive crafting supplies. Check out what they came up with and try them out on your own!

This installment of our blogger DIY series is brought to you by Machelle and Malissa from A Joyful Riot. For their DIY, they’ve mixed two of their favorite things — parties and sunglasses — into one simple craft: Merry & Bright Sunglasses Party Favors. These little boxes (filled with goodies) are perfect to give away at that holiday party you’ve been planning all season. Read on for their easy step-by-step instructions and photos!

diy sunglasses holiday party favors


Step 1

diy holiday sunglasses party favors

Gather an assortment of holiday-themed card stock. Insert them into your printer so the box template (find it here!) prints on the blank side. Print out as many as you need!

Step 2

diy sunglasses holiday party favors

Download and print the free Merry & Bright inserts. There are two options, one with bright happy colors and another in traditional red, green and gold, so choose whichever fits your needs! Cut them out and use a glue stick to adhere them where the box instructs.

Step 3

diy sunglasses holiday party favors

Cut your boxes out and fold them into shape. Tip: Try folding the box inside out first so you can see the lines, then follow your creases to fold it right side out.

Step 4

diy sunglasses holiday party favorsdiy sunglasses holiday party favors

Apply glue to the outside of the small flaps and press against the inside of your box.

Step 5

diy sunglasses holiday party favors

Next, fill your box with decorative shred and any little goodies you’d like. Set your stellar shades on top of it all.

Step 6

diy holiday party favors

Close up your boxes using matching ribbon. You can use a hole punch on the dots marked on the box to thread ribbon through, or just wrap ribbon around the whole thing.

Step 7

diy sunglasses holiday party favors

Set your boxes out for your guests to grab on their way out! Or, have everyone open them a little early, throw their glasses on, and snap a celebratory picture together. Why not capture everyone having a merry time at the brightest little party of the season, you expert host, you!

Happy Holidays!

Machelle & Malissa of A Joyful Riot

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