Holiday DIYs

Tis the season for crafting! You’re not the only one adding more pins to that DIY board as the holidays approach. We challenged our favorite bloggers to create some fun, easy DIYs with nothing but a box of crazy-festive crafting supplies. Check out what they came up with and try them out on your own!

Today’s holiday DIY was created by Justine from Pretty in Pistachio. This cute sunglasses ornament will look great on your Christmas tree this year! Read on below for photos and step-by-step instructions.


Sunglass Christmas Ornament

  • 1 pair of sunglasses (like these!)
  • Red paint
  • Metallic silver or white paint
  • Small paint brushes
  • 5” of decorative ribbon
  • Handful of metallic tinsel
  • Small felt Santa hat or other festive item
  • Green glitter
  • Glue

Step 1

Sunglass Christmas Ornament

Use the metallic silver or white paint to cover the lenses of the glasses. Paint one coat, let it dry completely, and then paint a second coat.

Step 2

Sunglass Christmas Ornament

Spread glue across the sides of the frames.

Step 3

Sunglasses Christmas Ornament

Sprinkle green glitter on top of the glue. Tap off the excess glitter. Let dry completely.

Step 4

Sunglasses Christmas Ornament

Tie the ends of the ribbon together into a knot. Place on the inside of the glasses frame and secure with glue so that the sunglasses can hang from the ribbon.

Step 5

sunglasses christmas ornamentsunglasses christmas ornament

Glue Santa hat or other decorative item to the corner of the sunglass frame where the ribbon starts.

Step 6

sunglasses christmas ornament

Tie tinsel to the end of the ribbon. If you want the tinsel to have a curly effect, use the back of a pair of scissors and run it along each strand of the tinsel.

Step 7

sunglasses christmas ornament

Use the red paint to write “Happy Holidays” or the saying of your choice on the front of the lenses. Be sure to let everything dry before hanging!

Happy Holidays!

Justine of Pretty in Pistachio

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