This summer, fun and unique sunglasses are all the rage. From retro throwbacks to neon sunnies in every color of the rainbow, it seems that anything goes. While you may consider hot pink wayfarers a little “out there,” we put together a collection of some of the wackiest shades we could find. Check out these truly crazy shades!

Are those…bones?

Emma Montague’s Mandibular Eyewear

Yes friend, they sure are! These crazy shades, designed by a London art student, are made with real animal bones and were recently on display at a college art show. Would you wear sunglasses made of skeletal materials?

I WOOD wear those!


While most of the typical sunglasses are made of plastic and metal, these interesting shades are crafted from wood. Even more, interestingly, they’re made from all eco-friendly materials and have been featured in publications ranging from Vogue to Cosmo.

How Convenient…

Folding Sunglasses

How crazy are these foldable shades? Simply fold them up, and slip them easily into your pocket or purse. While the above pair may be Burberry, these convenient shades are starting to pop up more and more, and can even be found at affordable stores in the mall.

Indecisive Shades.

Maison Martin Margiela 8 Hybrid Aviator Sunglasses

Can’t decide if you want classic aviators or oversized celebrity shades? With this crazy pair, you don’t have to! These interesting sunnies combine a metal frame with a plastic one, for a truly unique look.

Shades that beat!

These may or may not be new to you. These sporty shades combine the typical Oakley style with earbuds for playing your favorite music. Simply attach it to your computer via USB and upload your songs!

The best of both worlds.

Love sunglasses, but have bad eyes? These goofy-but-slightly-interesting sunglasses can be both glasses and sunglasses, with four customizable lenses to suit your specific site.

Architecture for the face.

While these sunglasses don’t have any crazy features, they sure are interesting to look at! Combining a retro style with an interesting architectural construction, this pair just had to go on the list!

Dripping sunglasses?

Ann-Sofie Back Dripping Sunglasses

While we heart our aviators, we aren’t completely sold on these dripping sunnies. This is a prime example as to why you should always store your sunglasses away from direct sunlight. 😉

They’re Made of What?

The Bushmills Sunglasses

These sunglasses are custom fabricated from old, Irish whiskey barrels. They even come packed in a wooden crate with a crowbar, for fun, nostalgic removal.

Solar Shades.

Need to charge your cell phone or mp3 player on the go, but forgot your charger? These handy-dandy sunglasses use solar panels to collect energy when you wear them in the sun. They can plug into your device to power it up!

Speaking of crazy shades, check out our novelty shades for something a little out-of-the-ordinary.